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Prof. Nino Basaglia, who has been working for over 42 years in the development of rehabilitation in Italy and abroad, has been awarded with the decoration of the Order’s Commendator for merit of the Italian Republic in 2010, knowing for some years part of “Riders4Riders” Association staff, as well as the projects and goals of the foundation, decided to support it as “guarantor”.

This is to ensure scientific validity for the most advanced research projects identified by the Association, as well as to foster adequate fundraising and ensure their success.

Below are some brief notes on the curriculum of Prof. Nino Basaglia.

Prof. Nino Basaglia is Director of the Department of Neuroscience / Rehabilitation and Director of Complex Structure of the San Giorgio Rehabilitation Medicine Unit of the Arcispedale S. Anna University Hospital in Ferrara.

Professor of Physiatry and Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Ferrara.

Graduated with praise in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Ferrara in 1974 and subsequently acquired the specializations of Physiatry, Geriatrics and Gerontology and Neurology. In 1993 he received the European Board of Physiatrical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

In 1974 he was initiator of the Rehabilitations procedures in Ferrara’s health service, leading to the activation of the first Department of Rehabilitation Medicine in Ferrara, subsequently developing the High Regional Specialty Presidium for the rehabilitation of severe cerebrospinal diseases, Regional Hub Center.

He has been teaching at several Specialty Schools at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Ferrara and Padua.

Since 1974 he had a continuous and intense didactic activity for the training of physiotherapists at the Regional School for Rehabilitation Therapists in Ferrara, subsequently confluenced in the University Diploma and later to the Degree in Physiotherapy of the Faculty of Medicine of Ferrara University, including the detached branch of Bolzano.

He has also conducted intensive seminar activities and held numerous training courses in rehabilitation in all Italian regions.

He is a member of various National and International Scientific Rehabilitation Society and has been president of the Italian Society of Rehabilitative Medicine from 1990 to 1993 and from 1996 to 1999.

Founder, in 1986, of the Italian Journal of Physiatryc Medicine and Rehabilitation, official organ of the Italian Society of Physiatryc Medicine and Rehabilitation, which has led up to 2002.

He has performed intense clinical research activities in the field of rehabilitation by publishing over 400 papers in Italian and international scientific journals.

He also published 14 monographs, including the “Rehabilitation Medicine Treaty” in 4 volumes of approximately 4,000 pages total.

He also translated and edited the Italian publication of 3 major North American rehabilitation works.

He has been active as a consultant in Emilia-Romagna Region since 1984 and since 1993 at the Ministry of Health.

He co-ordinated and chaired, for the Ministry of Health, the Technical Group that implemented the National Guidelines for Rehabilitation Activities, published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic in 1998.

We at Riders4Riders are truly honored by his availability and trust, and we hope that our collaboration will bring great benefit to the research of a cure for spinal cord injuries.




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