About us

Riders4Riders is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 by riders and motorcycle enthusiasts with the purpose of raising funds to assist riders seriously injured and to support research for the treatment of spinal cord injury.

Born as a result of serious accidents involving young drivers from various motorcycle specialty, Riders4Riders has been able to coordinate and make more effective the efforts of many generous volunteers, managing to give continuity to solidarity initiatives organized in a systematic way to help pilots in serious trouble and to support research that deals with treating spinal cord injury.

Champions and amateurs, able-bodied and disabled, team managers and fans, friends and curious, all united to feel part of a big family that does not forget the less fortunate friends but, with them, feeding with concrete gestures the hope for a better tomorrow.

For this purpose the association promotes various charity event and initiatives, among them the donation of 5×1000 tax on annual income (indicating the c.f.90029430395 of Riders4Riders non-profit organization): an act of great civic responsibility that does not cost anything to the taxpayer, but is of great social utility.

The associationΒ collaborates with the FMIΒ and the major sports and territorial promotion agencies, promoting initiatives aimed at promoting safety in sports.

Riders4Riders also organizes Ride for Life, the charity event done every year in November, which closes the competitive seasons of the various specialties on two wheels bringing together champions and amateurs in a festive two-day challenges in friendship and in straight contact with the audience, full of fun and solidarity, where who participates wins!