Lottery at Supercross Cup

This year’s Supercross Cup- in Bagnolo Mella, organized by Luca and Angelo Pellegrini, has ended in a well earned success.

Riders4Riders onlus would like to thank AL Motosport, the riders, all the people who came to watch and all those who participated in all the charity activities promoted by R4R.

The following prizes are still up for grabs:

700 Alessio Cristalli
527 Davide Gentoso
589 Paolo Ermini
929 Alessandro Contessi
504 Morgan Lesiardo
628 Luca Santandrea

We would like to remind all the the winning ticket holders, that in order to pick up their prize they need to send in a photo of their winning ticket and contact details to: by 2nd September 2016

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