Riders4Riders npo at Carpi’s international Supercross

Wonderful night the one of saturday 11 july at Carpi Night Show, first 2015 Supercross International’s round. A lot of riders partecipated and the atmosphere was happy as always, in this event.

The large crowd attending the show enjoyed the beautiful races (ranking on www.offroadproracing.it) and supported Riders4Riders activities, taking part at the draw of the shirts donated by the many riders attending the event.

We want to give our biggest thanks to every riders that believe in our mission, to the public that support us, to Carpi’s Uisp Motoclub and to Offroad Proracing.

We inform evry person who didn’t check back there if their ticket were winning, you can request to have the prizes sent home, just by sending an email to info@riders4riders.it by saturday 18 july, with name, surname, complete address and a picture of the ticket

Here’s the list of the prizes with the number of the winning ticket:

-Pellegrini 939
-Dami 499
-Ferrari 506
-Zonta 475
-Forato 273
-Contessi 947
-Lugana 430
-Lesiardo 478

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