Ride for life 2013: 30.000€ to research for the treatment of spinal injuries

Ottobiano (Pavia). Full-scale success for the fourth edition of Ride for Life, the first staged in South Milano track in Ottobiano. The show offered by the champions and fans of motorcycling and cycling over the weekend of 16 and 17 November 2013 has collected 30,000€ to be devoted to finding a cure for chronic spinal injuries.

The event organized by Riders4Riders Onlus and Marina Romoli Onlus has confirmed its potential by helping young cyclists and motorcyclists pilots, who got involved in serious accidents in the race or in training thanks to a substantial income, which in collaboration with the foundation Wings For Life was donated to the research of Prof. Gregoire Courtine at the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) in Switzerland committed to find ways to restore sensory and motor functions that were aborted because of a spinal injury.

In the next months, the Scientific Committee of Wings For Life will establish for 2014 a new alliance in which the researchers will join with their projects.

In spring, the Scientific Committee will deliberate the list of most deserving projects, and among them the Ride for Life organizers will choose to allocate the amount collected with 2013 edition.

“The timelines are long- explained the representatives of the two non-profit organization – but we want to allocate what has been collected in a serious project that can produce concrete results, so in addition to fundraising work we do an equally demanding and meticulous one in the choice of projects to be cofinanced.

In May we will visit the laboratories of Professor. Courtine to see how the work is progressing and decide whether to continue to invest in the project that we chose the past year. ”

Waiting for updates on the destination of the proceeds of Ride for Life in 2013, your appointment with the exciting challenges between the champions of the two wheels is back in the South Milano track in Ottobiano, where 16 November 2014 will be held the fifth edition of Ride for Life.

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