A donation to remember “Vignu”

A wonderful night has ended, another heart warming donation arrived once again to Riders4Riders…

“Ravenna’s Moto Club’s social dinner has been held at restaurant “La Campaza”, in collaboration with the organizer of “Vignu Ride Day”, Donatella, who created the event to keep alive the memory of the late husband Antonio “Vignu” Vignudini, one of the most important regional motocross riders in the ’80 and ’90.

After Vignu prematurely passed away in july, a day in which do motocross was organized, to honor his memory through his big passion, but also to do some good. Donatella and Lorenza, Vignu’s wife and sister, decided in fact to devolve part of the gain of the day to Ravenna’s Moto Club (700€) and part to Riders4Riders (2000€), NPO that succeeded to organize solidarity initiatives, to help systematically riders struggling with extremely serious accident, and also to sustain the research of a cure to spinal cord injury”

We can just, all of us from Riders4Riders, look up to the sky and send a warm greeting. About Donatella and Lorenza, we hug them strongly, with the wishes of a happy future, and we welcome them in our family.

Thanks are in order, after such a pure gesture, and almost trivial,Β but ours are true and crystalline; to some it may seem a lotΒ 2000 euro, to others a drop in the sea. We want to remind them that the sea is formed by drops and we want to raise the tide with your support.

Thank you all so much.

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