United till our goal

They say that in this world there are more bad than good people, and it’s probably true… We met every type of human being in our little journey: tall, short, good, bad, greedy, generous but everything matters so little, because we welcome everyone in a big, big collective hug.

Only together we can win.

We are not moralists, we don’t do politics, we only try to get to the heart of the world with our small forces, weaker in dark times, but that bursts again just for a thank you, or a smile, because we are very normal people, maybe with a bigger heart size in these things, but anyway fragile human beings, throwed without consent in this carousel called life.

Our commitement is constant 365 days a year, some days for just seconds, sometimes for a week of work break used to help reaching our aim. But we are not here to talk about us, instead we are here to talk to YOU. With our experience we can tell what we felt, seeing them right after a bad accident. And how not to feel sadness in your heart, thinking to a life just half lived, that changes in LOVE once they rise again, stronger than ever but with anxiety and insecurities, because they are weaker in some points!

We need to give them a Hope, fight with them for the thing they desire the most: walk again, feeling their bodies again, being able to touch, feel, run. We think that it’s possible.

Only together we can win.

The journey keeps going on, one setp at the time but keeps going on. We are every day more and more, our heart and muscles gain strength with your strength and solidarity.

Riders, even the most superstitious ones, are joining us, thanks to the simple work of simple humans together for a bigger aim… To these riders goes our biggest thank you, because if they can be united so everyone can be, and we could finally see our efforts repaid.

We have only started!

Suddenly, the circle gets bigger, so does the heart, everything starts running in the right way. Gears are well lubricated and sliding, the goal is nearer: this is what we see from here.

Obviously we thank you all for the commitement, to the ones who have always been there, to the ones that joined later, to the ones who doesn’t want to be thanked and to the ones who likes to show what they do.

But we don’t stop here, the race keeps going. We ask you all not to leave us.

Remember us, also 10 seconds a day, propose solutions and ideas to improve and grow, big and strong, to support the research and the all the injured riders.

This way we will keep going…


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