Riders4Riders always side by side with the research!

Riders4Riders quiver, pawingΒ like a thoroughbred horse at the departure gates, craving to know the progress of world-wide research projects, but especially that of Prof. Courtine …

And why? Because it is theΒ most concrete and forward with experimentation for now!

We never stop, we can not and will not do it, soΒ on August 9 we went to Lausanne (Switzerland) at Prof. Gregoire Courtine’s research laboratory to see the progress of his studies in the field of motor rehabilitation of people suffering from medullary lesions.

We could see with our own eyes live experimentation on a boy with incomplete cervical bone marrow injury, subjected to the “Courtine” method, that managed to carry out a series of “walking” in relative autonomy, occasionally assisted.

What is “Courtine” method? Alchemy, science fiction, miracle? None of this, we do not believe in these things, nor the professor. We believe in the persistence of the tenacious work of a range of professionals, ranging from biomedicine to physics, engineering, neurology and pharmacy… We believe in their passion and committement for the work, and last but not least in the trust and help received from the team “Courtine” at all levels.

But what is it? Which tools does it use?

The method uses a neural interface that serves to bypass the injury and then restore the linkage of the marrow, a partial revolutionary body lifting system, and also abolishes the treadmill.

We also know that experimentation on paraplegics with complete lesions will begin this year and the next year will be the time of tetraplegics, always complete, as the rehabilitation path for these is more complex.

Improving life quality of people with spinal cord injuries is possible and needs to be taken care of immediately, this is whyΒ Riders4Riders continues to commit to 100% to support this research.

Supporting them, and helping us to support them is easy!

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