Supercross Cup 2017, the winning numbers

Ended with a  more than deserved success even the 2017 edition of the Supercross Cup hosted in Bagnolo Mella organized by Luca and Angelo Pellegrini, even though unfortunately the rain has disrupted the plans!

We are truly sorry that they were not able to run the second race, but it was however, magic so it does not matter!

Riders4Riders onlus thanks AL Motosport, the pilots and all the public for the great participation in the charity initiatives promoted locally for and from R4R.

The lottery with the racing shirts still sees the following prizes to be withdrawn:

n. 798 – Angelo Pellegrini sweater
n. 719 – Angelo Pellegrini glasses
n. 908 – Adrien Escopier jersey
n. 682 – Andrea La Scala jersey
n. 662 – Filippo Zonta jersey
n. 966 – Riccardo Nicoli jersey

Whoever has the coupons with the above mentioned numbers may apply for the shipment of the prize no later than Saturday October 30, 2017 by writing to, indicating the address for the shipment and attaching a picture of the winning tag.

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