Zanca Day: about a friend (and the winning coupons)

A party for real bikers, the “Zanca Day”, to celebrate and remember the life of a great man, whose candle went off prematurely and intended to donate the proceeds of this beautiful event to Riders4Riders.

We are really proud that all the Mojito CafΓ¨, with his owner Valentina Zerbini, has hosted and supported us on such an important day for all of them; Zanca was a friend, an icon with silver hair … You could describe him with freedom, beer and rock n’roll!

We believe that, from above, he holded the rain with all his strength, but right at the beginning of the main event he was tired and a waterfall arrived from the sky. It was really a pity but the ACIDI, who reunited after years only for him, nevertheless played a last song and all the public, the staff of the Mojito and all his friends danced as crazy for him!

An intense and beautiful Saturday, with melodic groups that have played during the aperitivo, and a dinner with background of joy and happiness by every single participant because, even if the loss of a friend isΒ painfulΒ , life goes on and being able to remember him with serenity and a touch of nostalgia is the most beautiful thing, not so easy to share.

Once more we would like to thank everyone for welcoming us in the family and we hope in a second edition even more wonderful!

Thank you ZANCA for the wonderful moments you have been able to give in these years!

Here are some pictures to remember the day and enjoy it all!


We want to point out that there were 30 items to the Riders lottery and there remained 15 to be withdrawn

Below are the numbers of extra coupons

n. 595 – signed shirt Antonio Cairoli

n. 583 – signed jersey Andrea Dovizioso

n. 420 – signed hat Antonio Cairoli

n. 533 – team Gresini shirt

n. 431 – team Gresini sweatshirt

n. 468 – merchandising hat Andrea Dovizioso

n. 416 – team Ducati Aruba Superbike hat

n. 536 – Kawasaki Superbike team beanie

n. 572 – merchandising hat Andrea Iannone

n. 439 – team Ducati Aruba Superbike shirt

n. 575 – merchandising shirt Andrea Iannone

n. 587 – team Tm Racing jersey

n. 427 – sweatshirt team Pasama Italian Speed ​​Championship

n. 618 – t-shirt Riders4Riders

n. 605 – t-shirt Riders4Riders

We remind the winners that they must send photographic copy of the winning tag to by Saturday, September 30, 2017, together with their last name and address for the shipment. Requests will not be accepted beyond the indicated deadline.

Thanks to everyone for having participated and supported Riders4Riders onlus!

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